Our very own society

The secret to achieving success is to know what you really want and having a compelling reason why you want it and having the discipline to sacrifice what we want right now to get what we really want later. We get there by aligning our time and actions with our goals and always being the most prepared person in the room without exception. We prepare day in and day out by continuously growing our knowledge base and becoming a subject matter expert in whatever it is that we set our sights on. Regardless of our chosen profession, we must understand the art of selling ourselves and our ideas, verbal and non-verbal communication, personal financial management and the basic principles of law. Last and most importantly we must possess the drive and ambition to relentlessly pursue our goals. Success is not only when preparation meets opportunity, but where our compelling reason why exceeds the adversity that we face along the way.

Losing is a pre-requisite for winning, ye some people win without losing but the chances of them falling are greater than the one who has fallen more times than they can count because every bruise makes you stronger and wiser. If you really want something in your life than you need to do more than everybody else otherwise sit back and watch people win.

There may be thousands of influencers around the world with millions of articles and quotations to motivate you and they might be doing a great job with many of the people but there are a few who are really making a difference with every individual they come in contact with. The contact doesn’t mean person to person but by conveying their knowledge and experience compiled as a scripture to guide you and motivate you on every step that you take towards success. One of such scripture is “Relentless Pursuit” by Stephen Nalley.

Stephen Nalley is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Inner Circle US.  Inner Circle is a uniquely positioned full service real estate investment company that specializes in the acquisition, financing and management of distressed hotel & resort assets. Inner Circle and its Managing Principles have significant transactional experience and are experts in all phases of the acquisition and asset management process. This includes deal structuring, contract negotiation, due diligence, underwriting, raising and closing on debt/equity capital structures, asset management and property management.  Inner Circle and its principals have been directly responsible for over $4.5 Billion of real estate transactions which includes the acquisition and disposition of over 200 Hotel & Resort Assets.

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